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Dentist Challenges Patients at “Super Smash Bros.” for Free Cleaning

Whenever you go to a new place to get your teeth fixed or even for a regular medical exam, sometimes it helps to know the person in charge is cool. Do they like what you like? Do you actually have anything in common to talk about when they offer up small talk? Well Dr. Tej A. Shah has taken the guess work out of that question. If you’re a gamer, you could even win a free cleaning.

Dental clinic Zen Family Dental put up a video of Dr. Shah challenging patients to a game of Smash. If we’re talking about a hip way to get more patients, then Dr. Shah has figured it out. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to play “Super Smash Bros.” with their dentist? Imagine the bragging rights if you won!

Right now, you can sign up on his website to challenge him in a game of “Super Smash Bros.” Worst case if you lose is you’ll have to tell people you got beat by a dentist. Which really isn’t that bad at all.

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Zen Family Dental is located in Ashland, MA. If you know anyone in that area you may want to give them a heads up that they can get a free cleaning if they beat Dr. Shah at “Super Smash Bros.” It would certainly be hard for me to resist playing.

If they were located in California, it would be game on!

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