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Pokémon Bean Bag Collab with Yogibo Coming This Fall!

A new way to lounge is coming to your living room thanks to a Yogibo Pokemon bean bag collaboration! The initial launch will include a snoozing Snorlax and a straightfaced Ditto. Arguably some of the best Pokemon for an oversized cuddle session. Or kicking back while playing some Pokémon Unite.

This Pokemon bean bag collection will be fashioned after the classic full-sized Yogibo bean bags. These squishy chairs are lightweight and conform to the curves of your body, which means they can offer custom support. The perfect chair for an extended gaming session or movie marathon.

Snorlax and Ditto bean bags will be available in North America exclusively from Pokemoncenter for $199 each. They go on sale September 1st.

The bean bag company is no stranger to brand collaborations. They also have a Star Wars collection featuring an adorable Chewbacca support pillow.

Yogibo Chewbacca support pillow
Image: Yogibo
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About Yogibo

Eyal Levy founded Yogibo in 2009. He and his wife were on a quest to make pregnancy more comfortable. Traditional pregnancy pillows weren’t quite right, and thus, Yogibo was born. 

The star of the show is definitely the soft cover. The removable covers are made of a t-shirt-like cotton/spandex blend. Inside you will find the inner cover filled with a fine foam. The combination of the cover and foam allows for your body to sink in and be hugged. 

They also sell a range of other products including pillows, a couch, and stuffed animals, to name a few. There’s also a line made for outdoor use!

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