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Tips for Using Small Text Generator

While there are so many different ways to engage the target audience, nothing attracts more than a unique and stylish text. You will see hundreds of ads every single day but for obvious reasons, you tend to skip them unless they are interesting. So how you as a business owner can make sure your social media posts, emails and other forms of marketing tactics that involve text are not overlooked but appreciated whenever you publish or send them? Well, the simple answer is to use small text.

If you do not have any idea, small text is a form of text where every alphabet is a lot with a special Unicode that makes it different from the traditional text. They are confused with fonts. Small text can be copied and pasted wherever required but fonts aren’t copy-able.

Small text is so common nowadays, you will find different platforms, applications and tools that can convert your text into small text, subscript and superscript but the easiest way is to use an automated and free small text generator.

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The term generator might confuse you as if you haven’t used it, you may think of using this tool as a difficult task, but it is not. The UI of this tool is simple and allows people even with little knowledge of the internet to use it swiftly without any issue. However, for better understanding, we have crafted this blog for you, where we will share some tips on how to use a small text generator and where to use small text.

Converting simple text to small text

While you can simply use the word processing software you have to convert the text but that requires some steps to be performed. However, a small text generator is rather simple and easier to use. All you need is to choose a website that is offering a small text generator tool such as After that copy and paste the text in the field provided and in seconds you will get your results.

Most probably, you will get three different results: small text, subscript and superscript. After that, you can copy the converted text and use it anywhere you want.

Note that, this is a simple tool and does not require any subscription and doesn’t charge for any conversion. If you find any site, do not pay for any sort of service,

Diverse usage of small text

Now the question arises, where you can use the converted text? Simply put, you can use it anywhere as many times as you want. However, here are some (not all) areas where you can use small text to make your content look stylish.

·         Social media: Social media is now being used by many businesses as a means of marketing and on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, there is text used in every single post. You can replace the regular text with small text and engage more audience.

·         Digital Marketing: Although digital marketing involves social media there are so many other areas as well where you have to use text to grab attention. Use small text for the heading of your articles, posts and so on.

·         Email: Tired of sending emails and still not getting a response? One reason is that your text is too basic and the receiver isn’t bothered to read it. Small text is eye-catchy and when you use it one or more times in your email copy, you will see the difference it makes. Get the most out of a free small text generator and generate small text as many times.

It depends on what field you are in, what your profession determines how you can use small text and get the most out of it.  

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