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Pottery Barn has “Harry Potter” Floating Candle String Lights

One way you can make your home feel even more magical is with these “Harry Potter” string lights. Pottery Barn is selling them but be warned they don’t come cheap. The set of 10 candles will cost you $149. But it may be worth it to create a dining room as wonderful as the Great Hall.

Inspired by the famed floating candles of the Great Hall, these charmed luminaries twinkle all through the night. Paired with a remote control, they can be easily displayed over a dining table for a bistro-gets-bewitched look or in any room as a stylish magic trick.

  • Floating candle string lights comes with 10 lights.
  • Battery operated remote control included with battery. Features on/off switch and 6 hour timer.
  • Each candle requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
  • Can be used outdoors in covered areas.
  • Set includes 1 string of lights and remote control.
  • Imported.
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You can check out the listing for the magical floating candles here. Pottery Barn also has other “Harry Potter” decorations that you’ll probably enjoy if you peruse their website.

Hanging tip, if you want to create an illusion that there are more candles than just ten do what they do in the product photos. Hang a mirror near where they are so that you look like you have more. And if you hang a mirror on each side, it will look like they go on for infinity.

NERDBOT Disclaimer: Purchasing “Harry Potter” merchandise can be seen as problematic due to the association with JK Rowling. However, fans of the franchise are taking it back little by little. It’s ok to enjoy something you love.

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