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Hugh Jackman’s Possible Skin Cancer Biopsy Results Inconclusive

Hugh Jackman, the world’s favorite Wolverine, shared with fans the results of a recent biopsy. The Australian actor underwent a basic procedure to determine the nature of an area of concern. Jackman is using this as an opportunity to spread the word about skin cancer, as well as urging people to wear sunscreen.

At present, the results are inconclusive. Jackman is planning on retesting after he is finished filming his current project.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in “X-Men” (2000) photo courtesy of Fox

Since the biopsy was inconclusive, Jackman says doctors didn’t have enough material to thoroughly check. Since he is set to start filming soon, he didn’t want to go too deep. Understandable that he wanted to keep filming a priority.

Jackman says worst case scenario is that he has the most common form of skin cancer, Basel Cell Carcinoma (BCC), which is very treatable. In the U.S. alone 3.6 million cases are diagnosed each year. Because this type of cancer grows slowly, it’s also very curable and can cause minimal damage if caught early.

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Whatever the case may be, we hope Jackman takes care of himself first and foremost.

To treat this kind of cancer, you can have anything from electrosurgery or chemotherapy to using a topical solution. Depending on what the results are from his second tests his doctors will inform him what to do.

As always, protect your skin, and don’t be afraid to get any areas of concern checked.

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