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No One Knows the RIGHT WAY To Fill PEZ, Until Now-

Well folks, today I learned that I’ve been putting PEZ into the dispenser the wrong way my ENTIRE LIFE. Let’s be frank, I’m a little upset with myself for never figuring this out. I can’t tell you how many PEZ were wasted because I tried to open the package and then put them in. So many lives lost to the seat crease in the car and the recliner. So many eaten not given the chance to thrive in the body of a well loved cartoon character.

Sonn1c on TikTok showed a video of how it’s supposed to be done and it has most of the internet kicking themselves too. At least I’m not alone. Here’s how you’re supposed to put PEZ inside the dispenser.

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Now that I know, my first mission is to go down to anywhere that sells these and try it out. And I’m curious if most people had the same sad experience with their candy as I did. I LOVE PEZ but unfortunately they don’t love me. Otherwise they would have told me right?


EDIT: So apparently there is a solid bottom on the device to keep the candy in so this is totally fake. But boy they had me going! Good job for catching that Nerdbot readers!

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