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“Loki” Crowns For Your Variant [Pet] God of Mischief!

Do you have an adorable God of Mischief in your home? I bet they’re fluffier than the variant alligator. But even if they’re not I have some good news. On Etsy, you can grab a set of Loki horns for whatever pet you have at home. That’s right- you can find listings for dogs, cats and reptiles!


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Creative Mechanics has these listed for under $15, and you can get them in three different sizes. If you have a reptile at home that’s been wanting a makeover this is it. Otherwise it would make a great accommodation for your therapy pet to wear at the next convention you go to in person. I expect there will be many, MANY Loki variants.


These Loki horns are listed for dogs and come in three parts. This item is listed for around $20, and you will have to glue the pieces together to get it to stay. It should fit most medium sized dogs, but you can request that it be made for a bigger or smaller size. These are made by 3DPrintingPressUSA.


Sizing things for cats is a bit tricky but this Etsy seller has it down. They’ve knitted/crocheted an adorable hat for the original God of Mischief- your cat. You know they are absolutely being a trickster as they stare you down and knock over that glass of freshly poured water. GreenSlipStitch has these available for between $17 and $21 depending on how large your cat is. I also want to add that you can get this for a baby and it would fit just fine.


Ok maybe these aren’t really “pets” but if they make your feet comfortable and look awesome who are we to judge. You can also get a Loki crown for your favorite pair of Crocs. Created by PalmenezIndustries, these will only run you about $20 so they’d be great for gifts as well. I think we all know at least one croc loving nerd.

Disney+ already greenlit “Loki” for a second season, and season 1 is currently streaming now.

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