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Cercle Bicycle Offers Circular Frame That Doubles as a Tent!

Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all? Well with this new bicycle you might be able to with as little as what you can carry on the bike and on your back. The bicycle has a circular frame that allows for the easy conversion into a personal space for camping activities.

Inventor Bernhard Sobotta created the Cercle to serve as a “roaming home” for cycle enthusiasts.

The Cercle creates a feeling of being at home, of being centered and safe and wherever you are just belonging and having everything you need and being open as well. It’s like a window into the world in a different way.

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The Cercle was made for those of us who want to disconnect from the world. To be able to take what we need and just go is a priceless experience. It’s a bit holistic and feels like if this existed back in the 60s/70s we would have had a lot of camping hippies using it.

I still think it would be neat to offer to the nomads around Los Angeles as a way for them to get from one place to the other and be able to sleep comfortably.

You can check out Cercle and their products here.

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