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Deer Comes Running to Take Care of Crying Human Baby

Animals and their motherly instincts always impress me. Cats and dogs that take in abandoned newborns always makes me happy. I love those videos. Now there is a viral video of an animal that’s not been domesticated running at the sound of a newborn babies cry. On TikTok the video got over 6 million likes and for good reason. Watch how this momma deer comes to save the day.

Hannah Burton on TikTok shared the video of her baby crying outside. She was out there getting some air when the newborn started crying. In her caption, she says she almost had to throw down with the deer who came running to see what was the matter. Even though we think this is cute I’m sure there was a moment of panic when mom saw the deer charging in.

We hear about the stories of kids raised by wolves. Well- maybe there’s an alternate version that needs to be written about a baby raised by deer. A wholesome and happy story that doesn’t end with the mom deer dying… I’m looking at you, “Bambi.”

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When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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