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3 Exciting Innovations You Should Know About

Inventions never cease to exist. There is always a necessity to be solved or fulfilled in all parts of the world. Innovations can happen in the medical industry, technology, culinary arts, and even travel. They are things like the smartphone, organic food, space travel, and remote surgery. As the world moves forward, so do innovations. Here are three innovations that are making headlines today.

1. Cryptocurrency, an alternative to our dollar

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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are generated—or mined—by computers that solve mathematical problems. These digital assets all have a fluctuating value that’s different from our normal, dollar currency. They are becoming more popular as people are investing in them, including technological moguls like Elon Musk. Some well-known cryptocurrency exchange brands include Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

People can store the private keys to their crypto-assets in cold storage and hot storage—cold means that it’s an offline physical place like a vault while hot means it’s an online secured storage. Crypto wallets are a type of cold storage and they can come in the shape of a USB flash drive so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrencies out there because it’s regulated and has a ton of resources for those seeking to learn more about crypto. By reaching and reading a Coinbase review, you can learn more about the benefits of owning Coinbase cryptocurrency and about their trading platform, Coinbase Pro. To join Coinbase, you must be 18 years or older and create a Coinbase account with your complete name, a verifiable email address, phone number, and secure password, along with other sensitive information. Coinbase also offers hardware wallets for their mobile app Coinbase users.

2. SmellVeil, a spray to eliminate the smell of weed

Another innovative solution is Veil from Veil is a natural odor-eliminating spray that eradicates unwanted smells like cannabis odor. Stoners of the world are in bliss with this product because it helps eliminate the trails of the weed smell in their homes, cars, and wherever they go. This aromatic spray is made of essential oils and comes in fragrances like Virginia Cedar, cracked black pepper, and sweet orange. It’s also made with eco-friendly ingredients that are non-toxic to you and the rest of the planet.

The smell of weed or smoke can be intoxicating to many and some people cannot tolerate them. Veil is the spray for considerate stoners looking to free their peers of lingering odorous molecules like terpenes after taking a smoke. These smells can remain on clothes, carpets, and in the air, but with Veil, smokers can help eliminate them. While Coffee grounds and baking soda help control these odors, Veil virtually removes them at the source with its mix of organic essential oils for a breath of fresh air.

3. Robo-advisor mobile apps

The world today has many technological advances. These include being able to trade in the stock market from your mobile phone. A lot of advisor companies are opting to make automated digital platforms via mobile applications for financial planning and investing—otherwise known as robo advisors.

These robo advisors allow active traders to have easy access to their assets wherever they go. Users can create their accounts through the same application using their personal information such as bank account, phone numbers, and credit cards. These platforms provide consumers with pre-made portfolios as well as the option to create original ones. They gather information from the user such as financial goals and income in order to make the appropriate investments on their behalf.

Innovations like these keep the world moving and humans evolving. They have taken us from the Stone Age to the Silicon Age, and as innovations continue to develop, we’ll be heading into the Cybernetic Age.

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