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Install AppValley App on iOS – Tweaked Apps & Games for Free

Not every app can be uploaded into the official iOS app store. Some apps might be very useful to the users and loved by all. But still, they are not accepted into the app store. Such apps can be distributed to the users through unofficial app stores such as AppValley iOS App .

Apps such as Tweaked apps, modded games, hacked apps, etc can be downloaded from AppValley into iOS devices. You can also manage all the apps on the iOS device using the AppValley app.

Features of AppValley App:

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1. 100% free to use: AppValley is free to download and use on all the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.

2. Install premium apps for free: With the AppValley app, you can install premium apps for free. You need not pay apps that require payment to be installed directly from the official app store.

3. No jailbreak required: When you use AppValley, no jailbreak is required to install cracked and modded apps. You can directly install all the apps like Instagram++, Twitter++, etc using AppValley without jailbreaking the device.

4. Manage all the apps in the devices: You can manage all the apps installed in the iOS device which are installed with or without AppValley. You can also update apps directly from AppValley.

5. Multi-language support: You can use the AppValley app in different languages. Languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese are supported.

Steps to Install the AppValley App on iOS:

Below are the simple steps to install the AppValley app on iOS devices. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping any step.

1. Launch the browser in your app. Open the Official Website of AppValley and scroll down to the download link.

2. Click/Tap on the download link to install the AppValley configuration profile. On tapping the download button, you will get the pop-up.

3. Tap on Allow to let the device install the AppValley configuration file.

4. Open the settings app on your iOS device. From there go to Profile downloaded.

5. In the profile downloaded option, you can see the AppValley profile.

6. Tap on the AppValley Profile and click on the install button to install the app.

7. If you have set a passcode for your iOS device then it will request you for the passcode to install the app.

8. Wait until the app is installed. Now you can launch the app from the home screen of the device.

Tip: You will need a stable internet connection for using the AppValley app. So make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

How to Uninstall AppValley?

Uninstalling AppValley is as simple as installing AppValley. Follow the below steps to uninstall AppValley in a few seconds with all app data and cache.

  1. To delete AppValley, you need to delete the downloaded Profile.
  1. Go to the settings on your device and open General.
  1. They choose Profiles.
  1. Now tap on the downloaded Profile for AppValley.
  1. Click the “Remove” button in the AppValley profile.
  1. Save settings and the AppValley app will be removed from the device along with the app data.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should We Pay to Use the AppValley App?

AppValley app for iOS is completely free and doesn’t cost you a dime to download and install on your device. You need not pay for any subscription also. You can download premium apps for free using AppValley.

2. How to Solve the AppValley Error 403?

This error mostly occurs in the outdated AppValley app versions. To solve the error you have to uninstall the AppValley app from the device and clear the app data. Now reinstall the AppValley app using the latest version. The error will be solved.


Following all the steps mentioned in the above post, you will have successfully installed the AppValley app on your device. But still, there are chances for error. If you have got any errors by chance, you can ask us for help using the below comment box.

We will help you to solve the error and install the AppValley app without any errors or misconfiguration.

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