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Save The Gummi Animals! Try New Gummi Skittles (No Animal Mascot Needed)

Skittles has started a project called the Gummi Sanctuary. In it you can find all of the gummies that you would normally eat like bears or fish. They thought that it’s about time they put their foot down and let people know eating gummi animals was wrong. That’s right even down to those delicious… er I mean cute little gummi worms.

Every day thousands of gummy animals fear their ultimate fate, being devoured by human beings. These helpless gummy animals are trapped in plastic bags, left to melt in hot cars, served in a bowl as an afternoon snack. Together we must stop these barbaric acts from happening any longer. Skittles is calling on you to join us in the fight to stop animal gummy consumption.. join us in opening the Skittles Gummi Sanctuary.

Trey Kennedy on Skittles Sanctuary
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They’ve created this brand new sanctuary that has places like the Gummi Bear Forest, Squishy Fishy (and shark) River and the Gummi Worm Garden. They ask that you stick to their non animal shaped gummies in order to keep saving the gummi animals.

The sanctuary is accompanied by a pledge. If you sign it, you are entered to win 120 packs of Skittles Gummies (enough to last you an entire year). Also if you visit their site you’ll find a hilarious PSA about saving the animal gummies.

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