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Blizzard Reveals What Classes Are Playable in “Diablo IV”

Blizzard has confirmed four of the five classes for the much-anticipated “Diablo IV.” So far, the classes consist of the Barbarian, Druid, Sorceress, and the return of (hold for dramatic effect) the Rogue! Before we reveal further details about it, we would suggest you to visit this site to find the best d2 items including free d2 runes.

All classes will be fully customizable. With regards to skin, hair, accessories, and gender. This makes each character unique to the players and gives it a more personal touch.

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As of right now there have not been any hints yet as to what the last class will be but there is no doubt that Blizzard will make everyone very pleased.

As of this moment there has not been a release date for “Diablo IV.” But we do have “Diablo II Resurrected,” being released on September 23rd, as well as “Diablo Immortal,” a free-to-play game designed for mobile devices being released some time later this year, to hold us over.

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