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Taco Bell Employees Arrested For Lighting Fireworks Inside

You know it’s a slow day at work when you think of doing something like this. I seriously don’t even know who would think it’s a good idea to set off fireworks INSIDE a building. But then again, I’ve been watching news lately, and like that van that blew up because they set off way too many fireworks inside of it, this just screams bad idea on every level. But it happened, and now employees that were involved have been arrested.

On July 5th, a shift leader at a Taco Bell in Nashville, Tennessee was arrested. The reason? Because that shift leader reportedly encouraged co-workers to join her in setting off fireworks inside of the building. 25-year-old Courtney Mayes is arrested for felony aggravated arson.

Security camera footage showed multiple employees playing with pyrotechnics inside the restaurant.

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“According to the surveillance footage, the employees can be seen locking the doors to the dining room to keep customers from entering the business. The video then shows the employees running around the inside of the store with fireworks in their hands.”

Tennessee Fire Department

Authorities say the team working put the fireworks inside a trash can and watched them go off while they watched outside. It wasn’t until it was too late that they realized they were locked out. They watched the restaurant burn to the ground, causing $30,000 worth of damage.

“Employees are seen using their cell phone cameras to record the trash can from the outside of the restaurant. Employees then realized they locked themselves out of the restaurant. The employees tried unsuccessfully to get back into the store. When the employees saw the trash can start to smoke, they called 911 for help.”

Fire Department

Now I’m not sure what would cause employees to think this was a great idea unless they already hated their job. Maybe they were just done with everything and didn’t care if they would at the very least be fired(no pun intended). They also say that for a few minutes they all went into the men’s bathroom where they couldn’t be seen and then came out and lit the fireworks. My gut says drugs were probably involved in the bad decision making but that’s just me.

None of the footage has been released. Yet.

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