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Baby Monitor Video Shows Toddler Narrowly Escaping Falling Tree

Contrary to what the late, great, painter Bob Ross might tell you, not all trees are happy and little. The Buchholtz family of Prairieville, Louisiana found this out in devastating fashion on July 2nd, 2021 when an oak tree fell through their home. Fortunately, everyone is safe, but thanks to some startling footage from a baby monitor, it’s apparent how close the family came to tragedy.

It’s a good thing that Cannon Buchholtz is only 5-months-old, as he won’t grow up to remember the night that debris rained down on him following the loud crash of a tree decimating his home. His parents, Courtney and Kale Buchholtz reportedly heard a loud clap of thunder in the middle of a storm. This particular rumbling was quickly followed with the house shaking and objects falling off the walls.

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As Courtney shared in a Facebook post, Cannon’s crib was near the epicenter so to say, causing bits of what looks like insulation and other light debris to rain down into the crib. As would be expected, Cannon is promptly rushed to and pulled out of the crib before anything further could happen to him. Even with the tree missing him, it’s scary to see him laying on his back, unable to roll over, while debris falls down on him and his face.

According to reporting done by a local ABC affiliate, WBRZ news, the Buchholtz’ are in remarkably positive spirits. Family and friends have been helping them find a place to stay and a location for the things they own that survived the crash. Kale was quoted as saying:

It makes you realize that a house is just a house… it can be replaced. Family, my little boy, that is all I was worried about for the first two days.”

Kale Buchholtz – Interview with WBRZ

It’s a powerful sentiment and one that others may find themselves struggling with in similar circumstances. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things you’ve lost instead of the things you still have. Fortunately, the Buchholtz still all have each other and we wish them the best as they bounce back from this harrowing incident.

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