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This Coffin Coffee Table Is Great For Displaying Your Skull Collection

If you’re into goth décor then I’ve found just the thing for you. Maybe you collect Living Dead Dolls, or perhaps horror memorabilia. When you like macabre things you tend to find ways to work them into your home decorating little by little. But have you found the perfect statement piece yet? Because we just did. Check out this amazing coffin coffee table by Louisa Oakes Furniture on Etsy.

They have more than just this coffee table such as a wonderful velvety boudoir couch but for the sake of this article we’re going to focus on the table. The table itself goes for about $280 and comes fully assembled. That means no muss, no fuss on your end.

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The coffin is four feet long by 20 inches deep and 16 inches tall. It has a hinged lifting top, with perspex you can store all kinds of things. In the product images you can see that they put skulls and fairy lights in the top which made for a beautiful display.

This crafter is located in the UK so I’m not quite sure about how much shipping would be to the United States but it sure is gorgeous. If I was going to buy anything for my home and had some money to get something really special, this would be it.

Check out all of what Louisa Oakes Furniture has to offer here.

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