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Check Out This Insanely Articulate Animatronic Wolf Head!

This is something that I know I’m going to have to show my daughter. She’s really into fursuits and heads and this one takes the cake on design and function. Willow Creative has put out a video showing off her fully articulate animatronic wolf’s head. This is something you definitely have to see to believe.

This thing is really impressive and scary. It looks like what you’d see if the big bad wolf was anthropomorphized. The function of pulling back the muzzle in a way that lets you know to stand down is particularly interesting. In the wild wolves will do this to send a clear message to others not to mess with them. She’s also made the ears functional in a way that lets you know what her emotions may be. And we haven’t even talked about the eyes!

The eyes are gorgeous yellow and they have a function where they light up. She says that she doesn’t turn them on often because they are so intense but it would be really cool at night. Imagine her staring through thick bushes ready to pounce with those glowing yellow eyes!

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Willow Creative has been around for a while but this is my first introduction to them. You can check out their various creations here.

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