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Understanding Hutt Anatomy with 3D Printed Model Of Jabba

Ever wonder what’s inside Jabba The Hutt? Or what *was* inside Jabba, RIP. Well, now there is an anatomical model of the character that will reveal all of the giant gangster slug’s secrets.

Mighty Jabba has created a realistic model that shows off the internal biology contained inside the Hutt. Just like those really cool Pokémon books that deal with the animal’s physiology, you can see what makes Jabba tick with this figure.

We’re impressed by the amount of detail that went into this. Everything that was designed from the figure to the box. I may sound silly for saying this, but I always thought he was just a slug. Do slugs have bones? I didn’t’ think they did.

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If you’re looking to get one of these for displaying on your shelf Mighty Jabba will have some available to order sometime soon. They are currently looking to gauge interest so if you want one you should follow them on social media for the upcoming announcement.

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