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“Manifest” Creator Says Fans’ll Get Closure After Cancellation

Recently, the show “Manifest” was abruptly cancelled by NBC after only airing for three seasons. The big issue is that six seasons were planned and they left us on a huge cliff hanger. Many of those who were watching to see what really happened with flight 828 were not happy about the news.

Series creator Jeff Rake sent out a tweet to all the Manifesters saying that they shouldn’t give up hope, because he’s going to find some way to give us closure!

To make it extra upsetting, Netflix also passed on picking the show. Usually if there is a series that does well, like “Manifest” by staying in the top 10 for a few weeks, Netflix will pick up on it. Unfortunately this time is not one of those cases.

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So, Rake is coming up with a plan to give us our ending and that’s a great thing. Honestly I just started the series on Netflix because I thought for sure they’d pick it up if it was in the number one slot. Now that I know they passed I might wait until Rake can give the conclusion to us, just so I’m not angrily left on a cliff hanger like the others. Call it self preservation if you will.

I know a lot of folks who are going to wait for this both patiently and impatiently. So hopefully he will be able to execute this soon.

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