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Florida Town ‘Accidentally’ Sells Their Water Tower

Oh, Florida. Thank you for constantly having news and human interest stories we can’t help but report on. Imagine you’re in the market for some prime Floridian real estate, and you make your purchase. A very nice building that you’re planning to open a gym in. But, once your purchase completes, you learn there was a bonus building included. And not just like….a she-shed or something. A full-sized water tower.

Bobby Read purchased a piece of municipal property in Brooksville, Florida for $55k. His plan? To open a gym. Once the purchase was complete, Read voiced some concern that the final sale included more than he had expected. And not from the price, either.

Turns out, Brooksville’s water tower was part of the parcel, and now resides with Read.

“I don’t know where the blame falls here,” City Council Member Blake Bell told the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re council members and we rely on the city manager. We assume that he has done his due diligence. I’m unhappy that we lost control of our water tower but, number two, we also gave away a lot of parking with it.”

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Mark Kutney, City Manager, said the blame lies with the legal description of the property, and a mistake therein. “We’re human. Sometimes we make a mistake,” he said.

No word on how this’ll work out yet, but we’re kinda hoping Read adds the Warner Brothers and Sister to the tower.

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