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‘Mandalorian’ is a Registered Political Party In Delaware Now

Delaware has officially accepted a new political party called Mandalorian, and we swear we are not making this up. Their mission is to educate individuals about campaigns and key issues. The group was formed at the beginning of this year by Will McVay of Dover.

It’s not the first time McVay has created political parties. In 2012, he created several to make a point about Delaware’s campaign finance laws. This one, however, he hopes sticks. He started the party as a joke, but is hopeful about its prospects. He wants the Mandalorian party to be ‘less dictatorial than what the Libertarian party has become.’

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McVay was previously a Libertarian, but became sick of the party after some of its members imitated the ideas and behavior of Donald Trump. With his frustration as motivation, he decided he would just create a new political party, one that anyone could relate to.

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He is hopeful that the Mandalorian party will form an alliance with progressives. He was tired of the Libertarian party drifting more and more right, and wants the Mandalorians to stand up for things like supporting the criminal justice system and social equality. He’s hoping to grow the party by way of social media and using the cultural zeitgeist to draw attention to it.

The name is meant to stand out in a way that makes people want to know more about it. As far as he knows, ‘Mandalorian’ would be considered fair use under parody exemption in copyright law. But if it doesn’t he says he won’t mind being on their radar. That would be “a good problem to have.”

So what do you think? Will you be changing political parties any time soon? All I can think of is that commercials for proposition laws are going to end with “This is the way” and think that’s pretty funny.

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