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The Backyard Scientist Explodes Hot Dogs With 20,000 Volts

Ok so officially the video was titled “How to cook hot dogs,” but we all know from that cover image things did not go well. Of course they probably predicted that it would be more of a meat-explosion considering how far everyone stood back in the video. This is on par with some of the best slo-mo things I’ve seen on YouTube. Watch this and you’ll also be able to add exploding hot dog to your list.

The hot dog exploding part starts about 4 minutes in, if you’re pressed for time.

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This is the second cool thing related to cooking meat that I’ve seen this week. Of course the first one was a bit sad because essentially a Lamborghini was injured making the video. Here’s another attempt to cook meat but off the exhaust pipe of a Lamborghini in case you missed it.

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