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Attempt to BBQ Meat with Lamborghini Exhaust Goes Terribly Wrong

In this episode of things people do when they have unlimited expendable income… Here we have someone who’s trying to barbecue a piece of meat of a Lamborghini’s fiery exhaust. Why? Because they thought it would work apparently.

Unfortunately for the Laborhigni, which costs around which start around $450,000 for the Aventador model, things went south very quickly. When you rev the engine while the car is still cold, it creates a lot of pressure in the coolant lines. It looks like because of that, the coolant tank ruptured and caused coolant to spill out all over the garage floor.

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The kicker to me is that in China, these cars can go for around $1 million due to luxury taxes. So whomever this was had a lot of money to waste. I feel sorry for the Laborhigni more than I do the person who caused the damage.

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