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What You Need In A High-Tech Music Studio To Help Launch Your Career In LA

It’s 2021 and your creativity has likely been stifled. It’s time to express your inner thoughts and what you can do. The best way to do this is through either exercise or artistry. Whether it be running a marathon or writing poetry or music (or both), you need to ensure you have all the right equipment. It’s not as easy as setting up your own recording studio, although this can be done. Below are some great examples of the high tech music studios you need to get yourself in on the LA music production scene. 

What equipment do you need to help with your music production?

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First of all, you need to find a reliable studio which will have plenty of availability and a reliable booking system. To really enhance your music career, you can have all the technology you need but there is also a requirement for availability. Imagine trying to get yourself in the right frame of mind to write a song or record a solo, and the space you want is booked up. With the LA music production scene booming, availability is key. So do your research when trying to launch a music career in LA. 

The right hardware 

One of the key things you need when looking to launch a career is a reliable PC or laptop. At most recording studios you need your own laptop. This is quite common and not purely a result of COVID-19. Everything else though can be provided for you. There are recording studios all over Los Angeles who provide you with all that you need, except a laptop. PIRATE provides some great information about recording your music in Los Angeles. With two studios themselves in LA, they certainly know enough about the LA music production scene. 

Devices to help you record your music

Of course, there is no point in producing music if you’ve got nothing to record it on. There are high quality recording studios all over the country which provide this sort of professional equipment, you just may need to hire the space out. Naturally, you will want to check out equipment there is before you book though. A microphone is a must alongside your headphones and an interface which will help you to excel at what you want to do. 

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There are other smaller things which you probably need to consider in terms of equipment. Examples would be that some people prefer to stand up when they are recording their music. A mic stand is therefore a vital piece of equipment. When going through the high tech equipment in a recording studio, there are some smaller things you may miss which help you to record their music. 

You need a keyboard

You might not play the keyboard as such, but almost every high tech music studio contains a keyboard, or it should do. Most musicians have a MIDI keyboard to allow their creativity to flourish. To anyone of an older generation perhaps, this may not seem like a vital piece of equipment but with the way the industry is going, it is creeping up the essentials list. 

It’s not all about just boosting your creativity either. A MIDI keyboard will also help to improve your workflow. Being a musician and launching a career is never easy. This is why having a good workflow is so important. Writers for example can get writer’s block. It is no different for musicians or anyone else in the arts and culture sectors. Losing your flow and getting ‘stuck in a rut’ is something you need to avoid. This is why a MIDI keyboard is important as it doesn’t require all the nuts and bolts that some of the older equipment used to require. Having to plug a load of cables in and out the whole time can contribute to your losing your rhythm and flow. 


Headphones are a necessity and may not be considered to be high tech, but they really are. You need certain types of headphones to ensure you are on top of your game. Runners look for specified headphones which stop sweating, so a musician would need headphones which blackout any other noise. It sounds simple but these sorts of devices are more high-tech than they appear. They are not there for show, but for productivity. To ensure you get onto the music scene in LA, your studio, whether it be at home or in the city, needs to have this sort of equipment. You may be surprised at what some facilities do not have. 

Of course, there are plenty more devices and equipment that you may need to ensure you’ve got everything you need. These pieces of hardware and software are the essentials and seem fairly obvious, but they are important to ensuring you get the best out of your studio time.

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