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Hot Jigsaw Artwork is Making People Very Uncomfortable

This is probably a case of me not having an attachment to the “SAW” franchise, so I can view it a little more objectively. I know that it’s probably wrong on a lot of levels, but try not to be scared when you see it. There’s a photo of a Jigsaw statue that’s a bit not safe for work, and people are generally pretty uncomfortable with it.

Shared on Twitter recently by the “Spiral: From The Book of Saw” (the official account for the upcoming film), was this image:

Artify – Square
Keep Going!
1 of 1,549

In the picture we can see Jigsaw dressed in a banana hammock and nothing else. He poses atop a red tricycle and flexes for us. It appears that he’s been sealed in a glossy finish that almost gives him the appearance of being wet. His hands however are not glossy- and that’s the part my eyes are drawn to. That for me is what makes it weird. Never mind the twisty nipples or the red bow tie, those hands look super dry.

I tried reverse searching the image only to find it in Reddit threads and people talking about it but the artist was no where to be found. If you happen to know who the artist is, please email me so that I can give them the appropriate credit. Of course for something like this its very possible they want to remain anonymous.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw” is set to hit theaters later this month on May 14th.

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