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Peloton Recalls All Treadmills Following Child’s Death, 70+ Injuries

Earlier this week, Peloton announced the recall of the both of the company’s treadmill machines- the Tread+ and Tread- over safety concerns.  This recall includes about 125,000 Tread+ machines and about 1,050 Tread products in the U.S. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported that there has been one child death, as well as 70 injuries related to the treadmills.  

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Last month, the federal safety agency issued warnings about the dangers and injury risks of the treadmills.  However, Peloton refused to recall them then.  At the time, Peloton told customers there was no reason not to continue to use the treadmills.  The company advised that children and pets be kept out of the area while in use, and that a key be used to lock the machine afterwards.  


John Foley, Peloton CEO, has said, “I want to be clear, Peloton made a mistake in our initial response to the CPSC’s request.  We should have engaged more productively with them from the outset. For that, I apologize.”

CPSC’s acting chairman Robert Adler explained the announcement of the recalls as the “result of weeks of intense negotiation and effort, culminating in a cooperative agreement that I believe serves the best interests of Peloton and of consumers.”

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Peloton is advising that people who have purchased their treadmills, “should immediately stop using it and contact Peloton for a full refund or other qualified remedy.”

This reversal of action by Peloton comes more than two weeks after an “urgent warning” was issued by the US agency.  By the time the warning was issued, the CPSC stated it was aware of at least 39 accidents involving the treadmill.  Of those accidents, many children were “entrapped, pinned, and pulled under” the machine.  

In April, CPSC released a graphic video from a home security camera showing a child getting pulled under the Tread+ machine and struggling to get out.  Peloton opposed the agency’s claims about the high-risk machine, stating that their information was “inaccurate and misleading.” 

Peloton’s $4,295 Tread+ and $2,495 Tread have since been pulled down from the site.  In addition, John Foley and CPSC will work together to “set new industry safety standards for treadmills.”  

Since the pandemic and quarantine, the sales of Peloton have shot through the roof.  The company had gained a steady ground with consumers looking to exercise from the comfort of their home.  Unfortunately, the recall of their treadmills have negatively affected the company and their stocks.  For those still looking to work out, Peloton still offers their bikes, as well as classes, accessories, and apparel. 

Do you own a Peloton?  Did you know about the recall? 

You can read the company’s official statement here.

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