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George Clooney has a Serious Brad Pitt Obsession

This may be our new favorite thing featuring George Clooney. True, pretty much anytime the suave actor appears in something it’s worth a watch, but THIS is something wholly different. Shocking no one, Clooney has a wicked sense of humor. He puts it to excellent use in this ridiculous video.

Partnering with Omaze, Clooney is offering a trip to Italy. Proceeds raised will go to the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

When you daydream about life after COVID-19, do you imagine: Getting together with friends. Sharing a meal, maybe a few drinks. Talking about what you’re grateful for. Endless laughter. This is going to be just like that… except your friends are George and Amal Clooney. And you’re joining them at their beautiful home in Lake Como, Italy! You’ll enjoy a meal of their favorite local foods, cheers to life and snap a photo to remember it all by. And before you ask—no this isn’t a prank. Flights and hotel included.

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A storyline including the search for a “Batman & Robin” toy and a pretty serious Brad Pitt obsession was concocted.

You know what? Just watch it.

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Also, this may be our. new favorite photo of him

But seriously, the Clooney’s foundation is a fabulous organization, and deserves support. Enter the sweepstakes and donate here.

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