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Kurt Cobain’s Last Photoshoot is Up For Auction as NFT

Part of me screams “it belongs in a museum!,” but that can’t be helped in this case. Photographer Jesse Frohman has announced that the last photoshoot of the late Kurt Cobain will be going up for auction as an NFT. The set includes 104 images, contact sheets, and polaroids from the 1993 shoot that occurred before Cobain’s death in 1994.

Frohman was one the photographer with the most used images of Cobain throughout his career. The bidding for “The Last Session” starts at 27.27 ETH. That’s just about $72,000. The winner will get a full sized print of a photo of their choice from the collection and a chance for their own photoshoot.

If you don’t think you can shell out over $72,000 there are more “affordable” options. They are selling what they call “Nevermind Editions” which are 10 unique colorized quadriptchys of Cobain. Those will be going for a starting bid of 2.7 ETH ($7,000 USD).

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Kurt Cobain performs with Nirvana during MTV’s “Unplugged”

A buy-it-now option is also available called In Utero Editions. 20 five-of-five portraits and Nirvana group shots including the whole band are going for 1 ETH ($2,600).

The photographer Frohman says that NFTs make sense when meshed with Cobain because they are both “anti-establishment”. While non of the proceeds go to anyone that was in the band Nirvana, or the Cobain Estate they are aware of it. Some of the proceeds are said to be going to the JED Foundation.

If you want to view the official NFT website for the items, do that here. That site also has some of the images up for auction on display so you can see them.

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