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Real Hoverboards Spotted, Consumer Versions Coming Soon

Omni Hoverboards is a name that we’re sure to be very familiar with soon. They’ve created the first real design for functional hoverboards, and they’ve been seen recently being used out in public. Inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru has created a hoverboard that allows humans to fly. Just like in “Back to the Future!”

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Omni Hoverboards was started in Canada in 2015. Their website says that they have a patent in place. Consumer versions are coming soon. Their mark-1 prototype achieved a Guinness Records entry by traveling a total distance of 275.9 meters. The previous record was set in 2016 by Franky Zapata, who traveled 2,252.4 meters.

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It’s estimated that these will cost from $10,000 to $20,000. It’s a bit of a pricetag, but if you’re using this as a primary mode of transportation then its not that much. All you would be able to carry would be what’s comfortable on your back. And you’d probably have to factor in the weight of it to figure out how far and fast you could fly.

As for when we will be able to order these from the site? They say soon. Sign up here for updates about the Omni Hoverboard in the future.

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