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Group of Joshes Battled to Determine the one True Josh

It happened. They actually did it. Dozens of Joshes met in a field in Nebraska to fight over the name. Only one true Josh could remain as they battled it out. Everyone had to have a pool noodle to be included in the fight. They also all wore masks since there was a mandate in place still.

The whole thing started from boredom as a man named Josh Swain created a Facebook Event that would have all the Josh Swains battle it out for the rights to the name. Thinking nothing of it he forgot about the whole thing, until social media reminded him.

1 of 1,027

My name is Josh Swain (actually) Verification. Almost one year ago, under a spell of pandemic boredom, I made a groupchat of all the people on Facebook that I could find with the same first and last name as mine, and challenged them to fight for the right to keep this common name. This was a complete joke, and I have posted jokes to my twitter before, but when I posted the screenshots to my twitter here, the internet ran with it, and ran with enough endurance for you all to remember a YEAR later. That doesn’t happen very often, so I’m afraid I have to oblige the internet and trek all the way across the contiguous United States to defend my name.

SO, I have seen a lot of information on the internet that might be misleading regarding the event, so I would like to set a couple of details in stone so that we can exercise this complete act of absurdity without reigning terror on the wonderful residents of Lincoln, Nebraska.


The true Josh was named after a stressful round of Rock, Paper, Scissor. They even gave the winning Josh a belt! Here is a clip of the final winner.

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