You’ve Got to See Project Kiwi’s Free-Walking Baby Groot Robot

We seriously can’t get over what an amazing fete of engineering this Baby Groot robot is. The Imagineers at Disney have done it again with this build. Just imagine you’re walking through California Adventure at Disneyland and you see Baby Groot, walking around and interacting with guests. Talk about magic!

TechCrunch was able to speak with Project Kiwi’s R&D Imagineer Principal Scott LaValley about the project:

“Project KIWI started about three years ago to figure out how we can bring our smaller characters to life at their actual scale in authentic ways. It’s an exciting time for bipedal robotics and with an incredible team and our combination of technology, artistry, and magic, we are bringing characters to life that could not have happened anywhere but Disney.”

At this point, there’s no clear plan to implement Project Kiwi’s amazing build in Disney’s theme parks, but we have to assume it’s the eventual goal.

Maybe a Baby Yoda / Grogu build is next?

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