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Content Warning: Bobcat Infected With Rabies Attacks Man’s Wife

Some very disturbing video has been making its way around the internet. A couple in the midst of leaving their home had a very scary encounter. Seeming to be any other day the man comes out in a pleasant mood and starts to get into the car. His wife enters from the left side of the camera footage and is quickly attacked by a rabid bobcat.

The video originated on TikTok, but was quickly taken down because the man threatens the bobcat’s life. The attack happened so quickly it’s admirable he was able to get it off his wife.

This footage is not for people who are sensitive to animal attacks or profanity.


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It was later revealed that the man had taken the animals life. The animal had been suffering from rabies and the couple are now undergoing rounds of rabies shots to stave off infection.

Odds are this wasn’t anyone’s pet but it’s an important reminder to get your animals vaccinated. Had this been an attack on an unvaccinated pet it could have had a lot worse outcome.

Typically bobcats keep to themselves unless they are hunting prey. They tend to avoid people and are shy of them. In very rare cases like this, animals may attack, and usually when they do, they are infected with rabies.

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