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World Record for Continuous Hot Wheels Loops Has Been Broken!

In an effort to combat boredom, one family set out to make the world’s coolest Hot Wheels track. They started the track on the roof of their home, and found ways to support it all the way down to the front lawn. This is now the world record for most loops successfully gone through in one run.

The track had 36 loops in total. Andrew Scorgie posted the video to his YouTube channel with the first victorious run.

1 of 1,092

There’s nothing that brings more joy than watching them get so excited at the end of the run. In the comments of the video they said that most of the parts were obtained at their local dollar store. Mattel also sells individual parts on their website if you need anything extra.

The previous record was set in February 2021 with this 10-loop track.

This father son duo really knocked it out of the park and we’re glad they decided to share! Since posting the video, they’ve submitted this to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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