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Chef Bobby Flay and Nacho Launching a Cat Food Line

Food Network’s Iron Chef Bobby Flay and his Main Coon Nacho are launching their own cat food line.  Their new cat food line is called Made by Nacho, and will aim to provide tasty, high quality food for our feline friends.  

“While many know I am passionate about cooking, I am equally as passionate about the cats in my life,” Chef Flay expressed.

He continued, “Made by Nacho melds those passions together, and with Nacho by my side, I am proud to share what we created. While I influence the recipes, Nacho does the hard work of creating the menu and paw-selecting every ingredient.” 

Made by Nacho is being announced after two years of recipe development, testing, and perfecting the taste.  During this time, Flay collaborated with Katja Lang, DVM as his veterinary consultant to ensure Made by Nacho will supply a good diet for cats.  

“I’ve worked with Nacho to identify what is best for feline diets, starting with nutritional content, all the way down to flavor – because palatability is essential to a cat’s food,” Lang states. “Dogs have led R&D at pet food companies for long enough, and I’m excited to team up with Nacho and educate the larger feline community on cat health.”

The Ingredients

Made by Nacho is made from a mix of wet cat food formulas, dry kibble diets and freeze-dried protein treats.  To give cats a balanced diet, the formulas consist of cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef and sustainably sourced salmon, balanced with pumpkin, cranberries, blueberries and kale to provide antioxidants and other essential nutrients.  The formulas also include millet and oats for fiber.  Prebiotics and probiotics are added for digestive health.   

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Made by Nacho

We get to hear Nacho’s thoughts from the Made by Nacho website as he states, “As the beloved cat-kid of my dad, chef Bobby Flay, I’ve been taught that real, high-quality ingredients make food healthy, satisfying and memorably delicious.”

Currently, Bobby Flay stars in Beat Bobby Flay, where chefs face each other using an ingredient picked by Flay.  The winner then goes on to compete against Flay.  In addition to Beat Bobby Flay, he also guest hosted in numerous shows.  Bobby Flay is known for his southwestern cuisine, as well as his talent in kitchen competitions on television.  

Through the New York Community Trust, Flay and Nacho have also created the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund.  This fund will give financial grants to EveryCat Health Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society to help protect and care for our four-legged friends. 

Made by Nacho will become available to purchase starting April 19th, 2021. Customers can access the products either through the Made by Nacho website, or at PetSmart stores, where they are being sold exclusively. 

Do you have a cat?  Would you consider buying a bag of Made by Nacho?

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