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Mondo Brings Godzilla to Life with New Exclusive Collectibles

Mondo, purveyors of all things classic, collectible, and cult have opened pre-orders for a truly mighty Godzilla Premium Scale statue. Looming at a foot and a half tall, and stood upon a base over a foot wide, the gloriously recreated King of the Monsters has never looked better.

Based upon Godzilla’s appearance in the fan-favorite 1989 “Godzilla vs Biollante,” the statue shows the big fella standing proudly over the ruins of his enemies. The ’89 depiction of the hero monster is among the most popular of his many design incarnations, bearing a more upright posture, rigid scales, and shiny silver spines down his back and tail.

The events within the movie “Godzilla vs Biollante” are also reflected in the statue, with the remains of Japan Self-Defense Force ship the Super X2 crushed underfoot, as well as one of plant-beast Biollante’s snapping jawed tentacles.

You can pre-order him here.

Mondo is also offering an exclusive variant edition, with additional swap-out pieces to further add to the dynamic nature of the statue. This includes an alternate head piece of Godzilla firing his trademark heat-ray blast, and the further addition of an alternate left hand, pierced through with one of Biollante’s vicious thorns.

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Never to be outdone with their packaging design, the box art bears an amazing original design created by Florian Bertmer, featuring Godzilla amidst the crawling tentacles of Biollante.

You can pre-order him here.

Haven’t the Godzilla sized shelf space to hold up such a centerpiece? Panic not, as Mondo are also bringing back their awesome handmade Godzilla ’74 Tiki Mug! Reimagined in a new electric blue colorway, suitable for less kaiju-sized mantlepieces (and wallets) everywhere.

You can pre-order the tiki mug here.

The epic new Premium Scale Statue, Tiki Mug, and an assortment of other exclusive Godzilla items are available for purchase or pre-order from Mondo now.

Godzilla vs. Kong” will roar into theaters on March 31st, 2021.

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