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How Virtual Reality Influences Gambling and Vice Versa

We live in an age where many of the things that we dreamt about a few years ago have become reality. Back in the 90s, virtual reality was but a mere concept and nothing more. There was no hardware capable of bringing it to the forefront like there is now. As for gambling, it was solely reserved for the brick-and-mortar casinos, with very few online poker rooms or games available.

Nowadays, these two have come together to provide an experience like none other. There are so many ways virtual reality can improve a bettor’s online gambling experience that we could sit and talk about it all day. Nevertheless, let’s get to the important details that make these two concepts such a reliable duo.

VR and Live Casinos

With the help of a VR headset, you will not only be able to partake in online gambling, but you will also be able to experience it as if you were there. Developers who have experience with video games can create a virtual casino environment as if it was the real thing. 

You can walk around it, sit at tables, and you will hear the specific sounds when exploring the environment.

You can also interact with other players directly, pretend you’re drinking, smoking, and what not. By using hand gestures and similar VR controls, it’s practically like the real thing except with computer graphics. 

Then there are live casinos. These are similar yet different at the same time. Instead of a rendered 3D environment, cameras are placed all around a real casino, including at tables and whatnot. Monitors can also show each player’s face via a webcam, making it as if you were actually there. Just put your VR headset on and it’s practically like visiting a real-life location.

Fantasy Sports

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Similar to games like Football Manager, fantasy sports allow you to create your own fantasy leagues and partake in the action as both the manager and the bettor of your favorite players. You select these players from existing rosters (be it players who are still in the leagues or retired legends) and create a team of your favorite superstars.

Fantasy sports could also be associated with virtual sports in the future thanks to VR, thus letting you put your headset on and view the match either from a drone-view, field-camera view, or, why not, from the point of view of each individual player. Can you imagine how immersive this kind of endeavor would be? While this thing doesn’t yet exist, it will surely become a reality sooner rather than later thanks to fantasy sports solutions from BetConstruct and numerous other reliable providers.

Multidimensional Slot Machines

Forget just clicking on your mouse to pull the lever on a slot machine. With the help of motion sensors and motion controllers, you can now do it as if you were actually there. Yes, with controllers such as the PlayStation Move, you can pull the lever as if it was in front of you, with haptic feedback included to make it feel as real as possible.

And it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to motion controls and a reliable VR headset, you’ll also be able to throw dice and hold cards as if you were actually at the table. So, basically, what starts out as a simple hand movement can evolve into many different physical actions that you would’ve been able to perform solely in a physical casino up until recently.

Final Thoughts

What do you think the future of virtual reality and gambling will look like? Can you imagine any other improvements that have yet to be discovered or thought of by developers? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe your idea will become reality sooner or later if a programmer stumbles upon your comment. So, what are you waiting for? Now’s your time to shine and potentially change these two industries as we know them.

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