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How Has the Advent of Loot Boxes Changed Gaming?

From the earliest civilizations such as Ancient Egypt to the modern day, humans have always liked to be entertained. When not studying, working or looking after family, we all love to relax with our favorite pastime. This not only helps us to enjoy life more but also have some time to do things we like. 

While there are many popular entertainment niches, gaming is up there with the best. For most people, the two major sub-sets of gaming are casino games and video games. Online casino play has rocketed in popularity over recent years and now generates multi-billions of dollars per annum. Much of this has been down to the growth of mobile gaming and the range of cool games to enjoy.

Of course, the advancements in online casinos you can play at and how you can play has also helped. Social casinos are a good example of this. As Funzpoints casino’s no deposit bonus shows, they often come with some cool promotions to enjoy. If you want to find out more about the best online casinos to game at or how social casinos work, why not visit the website today? They bring together all the information you need in one handy place. 

Video gaming has also grown in popularity in recent times and has cemented its status as a fun way to relax. Whether it is console, mobile or PC play, the advancements in video gaming has also helped drive it on. While better graphics, better sound and great game design are key, loot boxes are a more recent phenomenon. But what are they exactly? 

What are loot boxes?

The advent of loot boxes in games is a fairly recent invention and one that has really caught on. They are virtual treasure chests in games which are stuffed full of cool add-ons. Common examples of what you can find in a loot box include new skins, new weapons and new maps. Some loot boxes will also be required to progress further in games to complete them fully. The important thing to know is that loot boxes usually cost money to unlock and to enable access to what is inside. It is also worth noting that they are usually found in online games.

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There are many reasons which point to the increasing popularity of loot boxes. Many of them relate to what they offer to players. Unlocking these in-game boxes helps to give the game greater longevity and make it more exciting to play. It also enables players to access custom content that not everyone else has or can afford to buy. Unlocking loot boxes also allows for greater character/game customization and gives players a status boost when playing online with friends who have not done the same.

These virtual treasure chests are also popular with game designers and the industry itself. This seems to come down to allowing for a ‘games as a service’ approach to launching new titles. But what does this mean? 

What is ‘games as a service’? 

In basic terms, games as a service is a method that developers use to provide new content on a continuing revenue basis. Similar to ‘software as a service’, it is an easy and lucrative way for game studios to monetize their releases. Instead of people just paying once for the game, designers can now continue to make future revenue by providing regular new content in paid loot boxes. 

Needless to say, this is quite different from the traditional approach to game design and release. As a result, loot boxes have really changed gaming. That is not only from a financial viewpoint either. Loot boxes have allowed games to become living, breathing things which are always evolving into the future. Rather than being stuck to their original design on release, games now can use loot boxes to change direction or stay relevant for many years. For all these reasons, many games now are operating on a ‘games as a service’ basis. 

Loot boxes have changed gaming on the whole 

When it comes to playing video games in particular, the advent of loot boxes has had a massive impact. As noted above, they have allowed the sector to generate more money from a game but also on a recurring basis. This has meant a lot more money coming into gaming to help it thrive. When you also factor in the impact it has had on how we play games and the benefits these boxes bring to players, they have been a superb invention overall.

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