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“Star Trek: Voyager” Documentary Launches IndieGoGo

I personally absolutely love “Star Trek: Voyager.” My heart belongs to “Deep Space Nine,” but “Voyager” is right up there. Recent revisits of the series by fans and critics alike during lockdown have seemingly brought up a wealth of new appreciation for the 4th live-action Trek series, which brings me to our bit of news.

Just last night, 455 Films, the same group behind the incredible “Deep Space Nine” documentary “What We Left Behind” and “For the Love of Spock” launched a new crowdfunding campaign to get their Voyager” documentary made.

I am pleased to report that 7 hours in, over 175% of the asked for amount has been secured, and we’re expecting that number to keep climbing.

1 of 1,207

There are some fabulous perks for those who donate, and we obviously know the team delivers the goods on the actual film product too.

So, if you loved Captain Janeway, send a little latinum over to 455 Films, and let’s get “Star Trek: Voyager” a documentary.


The campaign continues to do amazingly well. With well over $800k, those stretch goals are looking mighty fine. Like remastering LOTS of “Star Trek: Voyager” original footage.

David Zappone (producer) updated backers with the news that the production wants to work with CBS to remaster “Voyager” scenes for use in the documentary, like they did for “What We Left Behind.”

“The entire Voyager Documentary team and Cast of Star Trek Voyager continue to be amazed and grateful to the fans of Star Trek for their overwhelming support of this documentary. We have many more surprises in store over the next couple weeks before the campaign wraps, including working with CBS on exploring the possibility of taking select standard definition Voyager series scenes and transcoding them to a higher resolution. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more information.”

Yuuuup, we’re ALL IN for this.

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