Wanna See A Gundam Totally Shred on a Snowboard?

I’ve seen gundams at just about every convention you can imagine. There’s always someone walking around on stilts in an amazing custom cosplay that they’ve made of their favorite autobot. One thing I’ve never witnessed is a gundam that could snowboard. Thanks to some pictures shared by kohichiemura on Twitter, we don’t have to imagine what that looks like anymore.

In the translated tweet it says: “GP corps at Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort last weekend First of all, the federal army is excited by the voice of Toru Sun ^ ^”

The one that I love the most in these pictures is the gundam that looks nearly identical to the  RX-78-2 that they’ve built in Japan. The giant gundam was built to walk and has even taken its first steps. Plus they had Shinto Priests bless it.

Kohichiemura on Twitter is a photographer of the GP corps led by Raw Gundam. He got some amazing pictures and we can’t thank him enough for it. How cool are these!?

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