Is Mountain Dew Flavor Riddler’s Brew Coming for “The Batman?”

Do you remember back when “Dark Knight Rises” hit theaters back in 2012? To celebrate, Mountain Dew had a really good flavor of dark blue drink hit the shelves and it tasted like Berry. Mountain Dew Dark Berry quickly became a fan favorite and was a popular limited edition flavor.

Now it seems with the coming movie The Batmanwhich will be released in 2022 they will release yet another dark blue beverage called Riddler’s Brew.

Pepsi Co via the Mountain Dew Wiki

Riddler’s Brew was found on the Mountain Dew Wiki. According to the post, the drink was released early to the Dew Drinker’s Discord, along with  Major Melon, Baja Punch, Baja Flash, Snap’d, the re-release of Pepsi Blue, and new flavors Rise Energy (Berry Blitz), Rise Energy (Peach Mango Dawn), and 3 other Mtn Dew Rise energy flavors.

They say that this was released in mid 2021, but with the movie being pushed back it’s not certain if this drink will come out alongside it. I would assume that it will and should be offered at theaters that are showing “The Batman” but you know what happens when you assume things… I should say that’s what I hope will happen.

This drink is listed as a mystery flavor, but if we’re lucky it will be the same delicious Dark Berry that we had in 2012.

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