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Epic Games is Purchasing an Actual Mega Mall for New Campus

Epic Games has A LOT of money. Thanks to “Fortnite,” they have enough money to essentially do whatever they want. That includes buying an actual mega mall to convert into their new headquarters. This isn’t a joke. Epic Games is actually buying a mall to do just that.

Image Credit: Cary Towne Center

The gaming giant recently announced its intentions to purchase the Cary Towne Center complex. This massive mall is 980,000 square-feet and 87 acres. That’s the equivalent size of 50 football fields. Once purchased, the company will begin redeveloping the site immediately. All modifications are scheduled for completion by 2024. Epic Games says that the site will be an excellent location for the company’s long-term growth.

Epic Games has been based in Cary, North Carolina for over two decades. During this time, it has transitioned from a small time company to an absolute behemoth in the gaming industry. Much of this shift comes from the massive success of battle royale title “Fortnite.” With the purchase of the mega mall, Epic Games is making a long term commitment to continue their relaitonship with Cary. Cary’s mayor, Harold Weinbrecht, has this to say about the purchase:

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“We’re extremely proud that Epic has chosen to call Cary home for their new global headquarters, and we greatly appreciate the company’s recognition of Cary’s existing assets as well as the unlimited potential of the area for their growing business.”

Epic Games intends to transform the mall into a vibrant hub that can encompass all of their plans for future growth. In a few years, the mall will be unlike anything we have ever seen before. We can’t wait to see Epic Games’ vision come to life.

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