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Concept Polly Pockets Are Based on Popular Disney Villains

TheToyZone, who have come out with some wonderful concept toys in the past, has created some really cool concept Polly Pockets. These concepts are made to house popular Disney Villains.

According to a press release:

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TheToyZone worked with CGI artist Jan Koudela for their first Polly Pocket project and were thrilled he returned to produce these villain worlds. The team’s art director Povilas collaborated with Jan on a mood board of memorable images from each villain’s appearance in the six movies. Jan next sketched the toys and then 3D-modelled the final Polly Pockets using Cinema4D. Jan and Povilas were careful to capture the essence of real Polly Pocket toys rather than forcing the Disney aesthetic into each box.

Some of the other concept toys TheToyZone has put out are a Barbie doll of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and another group of Polly Pockets for Nerdy Movies such as Lord of the Rings. Here at Nerdbot we love seeing all of their concepts and wish almost daily that they were actually real.

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