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Ryan Reynolds Brings Back Darkness from “Legend” In New Video

Ryan Reynolds may have just given us the answer to what really happened this year. In a video he posted online you can see that Darkness has fallen in love. And who has he fallen in love with? Well none other than 2020 herself.

Here is the video Reynolds posted.

In the video you can see the devil and 2020 frolicking to the tune of Taylor Swift‘s “Love Story.” They go around stealing toilet paper, eating hot peppers in empty stadiums, watch a movie in an empty theater and run around the city. The devil makes the statement that he doesn’t want this year to end, to which 2020 responds “who would?”.

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It’s a cute video and Ryan Reynolds’ latest work for Match from Maximum Effort. You may recognize the devil in the video as the famous one from the movie “Legend.” Our nerdy hearts are a flutter, that movie is amazing and it’s nice to see it referenced here.

We’re not sure if this commercial will air on TV but we’re hoping it does. After all, “a match made in Hell is still a match.”

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