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7 Top Strategies of Becoming a Teen Patti Pro and Mistakes to Avoid

Teen Patti stands among the most popular gambling games in India. It is usually played with rules to determine the winner and passes as an amusing and relaxing game. There is a high chance of an ultimate win rewarded by a handsome chunk of money for each bet a player places. But, not everyone gets lucky to win such fortunes. Some fail because they lack the basic knowledge of the game and winning tips. Here we will mention seven fantastic guidelines to follow and the mistakes to avoid while playing Teen Patti.


1. Start with Small Steps

Like any other betting game, Teen Patti allows you to play many times in one session. Before learning the ropes, do not get excited, and place huge bets. Take your time and learn the tricks that lead to successful wins. 

2. Never Get too Animated

Playing teen Patti requires skills and luck. Sometimes, some players get overly emotional with a single win. In the heat of emotions, it is easy to make irrational decisions that would cost you money. Learn to enjoy your win in silence without exposing your real feelings to your competitor.

3. Embrace Your Loses

Before you become a Teen Patti pro, you need to understand that you do not have to win in all the games. This online casino game is huge in India and offers an opportunity for professional players to rake in millions of money. But to breakthrough, you need to accept your losses, learn from them, and proceed to your wins.

4. Keep on Practicing

There is no way you can become an expert player without practicing. The more you indulge in the game, the higher chances of achieving the success you desire. Sometimes, it does not have to be a professional game. You can take part in a Teen Patti game with friends to get the exposure required.

5. Do not Play for Money

Teen Patti allows one to win a colossal amount of money. But if you do not take time to comprehend the game’s rules, it might lead to disastrous losses. Start by learning the basic regulations of the game and explore options in free Teen Patti sites. From the knowledge learned, you can start betting with a smaller amount of money as you progress.

6. Participate in Blind Games

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In contrast to other gambling games, Teen Patti allows you to play blindly as many times as possible. Here, you enjoy the advantage of guessing your cards and other players as well. In short, the bet gets placed devoid of seeing the cards. The only drawback is that they can also play recklessly without fear of losing money.

7. Set Limitations

Before throwing away your life savings, settle on how much you wish to spend in a game. Make your choice based on an amount you are comfortable losing. Some players bet on money meant for food or rent and lead to disappointments.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Teen Patti

  • Poor Table Knowledge

One of the main phases of becoming a pro is learning the correct table arrangement. There are various positions within the game and have different meanings. With proper knowledge of table position, it guides you in making a wise decision and playing smart.

  • Limping

 This position mostly leads to a losing game. When you take a limping position, you handle more than one task at a time. For an amateur, this is not the best position to take as it results in other expert players taking advantage of your weakness and winning the game.

  • Playing Too Tight

 Among the various hands in the game, some come up too strong and others extremely weak. Before getting accustomed to the game, it is a bit hard to choose the strong hands. The major mistake that beginners make is to play weak hands without interchanging. In the end, your competitors take over and win.

Bottom Line

Becoming a triumphant Teen Patti player requires discipline, expertise, and endurance. Most players rush through the learning period in the hope of winning a huge amount of money. But success does not come as easy as we presume. It requires a lot and practice to make a mark. Also, find easy ways of improving your skills like the free Teen Patti sites and become a pro.

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