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10 Stocking Stuffers Any Nerd Would Love to Have

Stocking stuffers for me have always been a bit of an ordeal. I want the stocking to be full of little fun things but I also don’t want to spend a huge amount of money because the bigger gifts are what I’m really proud of. You know those beautifully wrapped ones showcased under the tree? Those are the money gifts. So what do you do when you want to be within a reasonable budget but still wow your loved one? Well check out this list of stocking stuffers any nerd would love to have.

You can either grab the ones I link here and support our team of writers OR go ahead and use this as an idea making list and get whatever theme your loved ones are obsessed with.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love stickers. And the best part is that you can literally buy them anywhere. Target, Walmart, Amazon, the Dollar Store… everywhere has some kind of fun sticker you can get to put in their stocking.


Best one IMO
Some of these are terrible puns but it’s a pack of 12 and there’s something for everyone.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to read. And if you’re a geek like me you’re always picking up a new story without finishing the last one. It’s a tragedy to dog ear your pages and I’m always running out of bookmarks. Which is why you see the books in my bathroom(where I do most of my reading, don’t judge!) use toilet paper as a placeholder. I’m actually working on a Mr. Miracle comic right now that needs a bookmark… Anyway a bookmark is the perfect gift and one that will be used often.

A Multi-tool

If there is one thing that I love it’s multi-tools! And this one attaches to a keyring that you will always have with you. It’s useful and will definitely be something they hang onto forever. Sometimes when you’re on the go you run into problems. But with this handy tool you have a solution. This comes with a 3.2/3.3mm Bike Spoke Key, a Screw Driver tip that will fit a #2/3 Slotted, #2 Square Drive, #2/3 Phillips, and #2/3 Combinations (Phillips/Slotted or Phillips/Square) screw all in one bit, Imperial and Metric Closed Wrench, ¼ inch Open Wrench, ¼ inch Bit Driver, Scoring Tip, Serrated Edge, Can Opener, Wire Stripper, File, Imperial and Metric Ruler, Protractor, Bottle Opener, Multi-head fit Driver, and Lanyard Hole.

A Journal

This Captain’s Log will keep all their stardate’s events in one place. Even if they don’t particularly journal most likely they will take notes. Grocery lists, to do lists etc. And they will need somewhere to jot them down. Why not give them a cool place to do it that they can show off as well?


It’s just a flesh wound! But don’t worry they wont get one as long as they use the backs to these cool pins. You can find a pin for any fandom and if you can’t find it on Amazon definitely try Etsy.

Keep Going!
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Ok so getting socks isn’t always a favorite. But lets make it fun! If you’re going to have to wear something on your feet at least make it worthwhile. And bonus points if it matches the shirt you’re wearing. Wear these Nintendo socks while playing whatever game you’re into on the Switch.


So I chose the Star Wars ship bow for the picture but I have to let you know it was a close call. I almost picked the 90’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one but part of me thought that maybe the cartoon wasn’t as fashionable. Probably just overthinking again, but anyway a hairbow accessory would make any fashionable person happy. Plus they can wear it as a statement piece if they don’t want to go all out cosplayer for the day.


I don’t know about you but as well as stickers, I also LOVE tape. It’s just one of those weird thing I guess. And you can find themed tape. If you know a Sailor Moon lover they also have official tape dispensers that look like compacts. They are slightly more expensive but your Moonie at home will love them.


Pencils are a great gift. And if you want to keep with the fandom themed ones then luckily they have a bunch of super hero pencils available. You can get these Spider-Man ones on Amazon. They also probably have similar pencils at the Dollar Store in designs for Super Heroes and Disney Princesses. Now if you want to go for quality pencils rather than cartoons, Ticonderoga are the absolute best brand you can ask for.

Bath-Time Buddy

While bath bombs are a nice way to relax, so is taking your mind off of things. How can you do that? By playing with a Batman rubber ducky and saving Gotham(your tub) from the bubble invaders sent by The Joker. They have other versions of rubber duckies but for this article we’re using Batman. Because well, he looks darn cute as a duck.

I hope this list helped you to at least get some good ideas. I tried to keep it fun and practical because I think that when people use the gifts you give them they will be reminded of what a great person you are(hopefully). Happy shopping! And may the force be with you.

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