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Another LAX Jet Pack Sighting- Same Guy or New Guy?

Remember at the beginning of September when reports were coming in from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) that pilots had spotted what appeared to be a dude in a jet pack flying dangerously close to runways? It seems Jet Pack Guy is back- or possibly has a Jet Pack challenger to deal with as a new report came in yesterday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this new report came in on October 14th, and detailed that “an air traffic controller overseeing airline approaches warned a commercial pilot who was set up to land that an individual wearing a jet pack had been reported flying at about 6,500 feet.”

This has prompted a new FBI investigation.

A crew member from China Airlines said they saw what they described as “a person with a jet pack roughly seven miles northwest of the airport” around 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the FFA (Federal Aviation Administration).

At present, no one has come forward to claim credit for either of the aeronautical displays (probably because they’re gonna be fined a hefty sum when they do).

We’ll let you know what we hear.

Fly high! [Not the actual jet pack guy]

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