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Adorable Dinosaur Baby Booties and Onesies for Your Tiny Monsters

It’s no secret that I’m in love with dinosaurs. But unfortunately most of the clothing out there for babies are super gendered (blue, pink) so it’s hard to find a good dinosaur pattern in soft colors for girls. A work around that I’ve found is that some of the baby accessories at Target are just that, accessories.

So the chances of them being colorized in a dark color like blue or red are slim. These cute triceratops baby booties are great for boys or girls. Mostly because they stick to the classic color green, which is what most associate dinosaurs with. I also want to make a note that how you dress your kid is up to you. It’s not a crazy thought to dress a girl in “boys” clothes or vice versa. I just prefer the cute soft colors.


If you want to check out the listing for purchse, just click on the image above. I believe these are also selling at Walgreens, so if you have one near by you should check it out. I know Walgreens is also selling cute dinosaur-print baby bottles as well.

These booties would make a great gift for anyone who you know wants to get their kids into learning about dinosaurs early. We’ll call it interest by osmosis. If kids are around a lot of something they tend to pick things up faster. Which is why my six year old is such an anime dweeb already. It’s also why she knows a ton about video games and Sonic and Mario. So I would assume the same goes for science and dinosaurs if you have a bunch of that easily accessible.

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If you want to go for an entire look for Halloween coming up Amazon also has some adorable onesies that actually come in traditional boy and girl colors.

You can check out that listing by clicking the link here, or on the images below.

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