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Fun Ideas for Your Next Movie Night

One thing that many people enjoy, but are often looking to spice up with a bit more fun is movie night. Plus, with COVID-19 still in full swing, going to the movie theaters isn’t a safe option for many. 

Whether you’ve been craving that movie theater experience or you’re just tired of the same old movie routine, here are some simple, fun ideas to try at your next movie night:  

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Try a Theme

While the level of commitment can vary depending on your preference, picking a theme to center your movie night around is a perfect way to set the atmosphere and take your typical movie night to the next level. A theme can also give you an idea of what to watch and plan a menu around. And of course, dressing up according to a theme can lead to some interesting outfits worthy of being shared amongst friends and social media. You can always combine themes as well. Try an Outerspace, 70s theme night with Alien or a 90s school night with movies like Clueless or She’s All That

Step Up Your Snack Game

For your next movie night, in addition to your usual favorite snacks, why not try some new international treats? Most international markets and grocery stores offer several sweet and salty snacks from a variety of countries. There are also many international snacks offered online that you can have delivered straight to your home if you don’t live near any markets. Adding a few of these into your rotation can do a lot to spice up your movie night and you’re likely to find a new favorite you can’t live without. 

You could also include these snacks with a theme (see tip #1 above) and eat ones that come from a country related to the movie you’re watching. It will make your experience even more immersive and expand your snacking profile.

Speaking of food, preparing a homemade meal can be a romantic twist to your usual movie night. Even if your “date” is your cat or dog, cooking up dinner inspired by the movie you’re going to watch is a simple, yet effective way to set the mood. If you like, you can also incorporate whatever wine you’re drinking into your cooking. Red wine is great to use with glazes and pan sauces. White wine can be used in baking and also goes well with things like braised chicken. You can even pair your wine choices with the movies you’re watching as well.  

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Invest in Your Comfort

Some movie nights, you might not have the energy to go all out with a theme or romantic dinner. You can still enhance your movie experience though by upgrading your pillows, blankets, and even pajamas to ones that make you want to snuggle up with and never let go. There really is nothing quite like watching a nail-biting slasher film under the comfort of a plush, warm blanket. With plenty of pillows and blankets, you can also create the ultimate movie watching fortress. You can always worry about the mess in the morning. 

Host a Virtual Movie Night

One aspect of COVID-19 that has effected movie night is the ability to enjoy them with your friends and family. Luckily, we live in an age of technology. If you’re feeling homesick or are craving the company of others consider hosting a virtual movie night. You could invite members of your family that you don’t see often or you could start a movie night group amongst friends where everyone takes a turn hosting and picking a movie to watch. However, some considerations to have in mind before hosting events like your first digital family reunion are: 

  • Make Sure Everyone Is Prepared: Nothing spoils a highly-anticipated movie night quite like miscommunication, technical difficulties, and confusion. Make sure everyone has the right apps, equipment, and information they need to join your virtual night in together. 
  • Create a Schedule: With everyone’s varying busy schedules to take into account, creating a shared schedule online can make it easier to see what times will work for most people. Additionally, you don’t want people to feel left out so try enjoying movie nights on a variety of days, at a variety of times. 
  • Set Boundaries: Many of us would likely feel pretty uncomfortable watching a movie with a lot of explicit language or nudity with certain loved ones. Plus, there are plenty of people who have younger siblings and family members they need to be conscious of. Avoid some awkward moments by setting boundaries on the kinds of movies you’re watching. Feel free to adjust or completely remove the boundaries as you see fit.  

By hosting a virtual night together, you can get some much-needed socialization time while also showing off your amazing movie knowledge to your loved ones. And of course, you can keep the virtual movie night as a tradition long after the pandemic has passed.

For the most part, it doesn’t take too much extra time and effort to make your movie nights much more fun and exciting. With a little creativity, the right snacks, and the world of film at your fingertips movie nights can take you away on adventures across time, universes, and alternate realities. 

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