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Graphic Artist Turns Bob Ross Painting into a Real Digital Place

Bob Ross has and always will be a legend in the art community. His care and practice along with his calm demeanor has taught many of us not only painting skills, but life skills as well. But one thing about his paintings is that they almost always come from his mind’s eye. So while they are beautiful there is almost no place on Earth that they exist. Sure variations of similar landscapes do, but what if we want to go inside the world of Bob Ross? Well that’s where CG Geek on YouTube has us covered.

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When you watch the video there’s the general chit chat that always accompanies them. But if you want to see CG Geek really start to create skip ahead to about one minute in. What they do with the painting ends up looking absolutely amazing.

You can also subscribe to their channel if you want to see more cool creations. I just really liked this one because well, Bob Ross!

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