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Mother’s Classic Animal Cookies are Cats and Bats for Halloween

If you love Mother’s classic pink and white frosted animal cookies like I do then it’s a no brainer that you will want to get some for Halloween. And to celebrate the season they are changing their shapes from Rhinos, Lions and Camels to Cats and Bats!

They’re also changing their colors from the classic pink and white to orange and white. Exciting!

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According to Best Foods the last time we saw any kind of change in Mother’s cookies for Halloween was ten years ago, and then they just recolored the regular animal cookies. This year we get a better version with the spookiest of animals representing for Halloween. So far there is no word yet as to if the flavor has changed but if they wanted to make them taste orange instead of pink, that novelty in itself would prompt me to buy it. Especially since when I think of the color pink and how that might taste, I think of these pink frosted animal cookies.

So where do you find these delicious treats? Well one person has seen them at Dollar General, while it’s also listed on Bevmo’s Website. So when you go to pick up your bottle of Stella Rosa you may be able to pick up some of these sweet Halloween treats!

I would also say to try Target or Walmart because they are usually pretty good on keeping up with the themed snacks.

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